Sattva Treatments

Our at-home spa treatments offer an inspiring and aromatic blend of ancient therapies.

Oils, Teas & Spices

Sattva’s organic herbal teas, body oils and spice blends enhance a wellness regimen, but also to bring balance and bliss to your body and your senses.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda teaches us Self-Healthcare, Prevention and Balance. It’s the art of healthy living.

Our Mission:

To provide organic products and holistic treatments that enhance wellness, inspire healing and empower clients with knowledge and tools to flow through life with health, vitality and comfort.

Sattva Holistic Health provides unique massage and body treatments combined with ancient methods of healing. Through therapies, herbs, essential oils and medicinal spices, Sattva offers a very personal, very blissful guide to the art of healthy living.

Our spa treatments offer an inspiring and aromatic blend of ancient therapies including: Ayurveda’s stress-relieving treatment, Shirodhara, and its detoxifying treatment the herbal body scrub. Unique massage rituals including Chinese cupping and warm bamboo massage offer additional sophistication to the traditional deep tissue massage.

Sattva Holistic Health is based in Sarasota, Florida where all the organic herbal teas, organic body oils and organic spices are hand crafted and blended according to the principles of Ayurveda.

“My journey in holistic healthcare was born of my desire to feel good. I wanted to feel better in my body. I wanted to experience my body with less muscle and joint pain. I wanted to feel more clarity in my mind and emotions. I wanted to know and understand the medicinal uses of plants, oils and foods and to utilize their health benefits just like our ancestors did. I wanted to heal myself mindfully and holistically.”
Tiffany Fradley, LMT, Ayurvedic Consultant

Owner of Sattva, LLC