Our Mission:

To provide organic products and holistic treatments that enhance wellness, inspire healing and empower clients with knowledge and tools to flow through life with health, vitality and comfort.

About Sattva

Sattva Holistic Health is a synthesis of natural organic products & therapies, dedicated to inspiring wellness and self-care. Sattva Holistic Health is based in Sarasota, Florida where all the organic herbal teas, organic face and body oils, body scrubs & creams are hand crafted & blended according to the principles of Ayurveda.

Sattva Holistic Health is owned and operated by Tiffany Fradley, a Licensed Massage Therapist & an Ayurvedic Consultant practicing since 2006. She has studied and apprenticed under world renowned Practitioners in the United States and in Mexico with training in ancient Ayurvedic therapies. Combining her massage therapy treatments and holistic products, she created Sattva Holistic Health.

Tiffany’s massage and body treatments use high quality Sattva products made with organic ingredients. She combines a variety of massage techniques into her treatments to create a very customizable, very unique massage experience.

“My journey in holistic healthcare was born of my desire to feel good. I wanted to feel better in my body. I wanted to experience my body with less muscle and joint pain. I wanted to feel more clarity in my mind and emotions. I wanted to know and understand the medicinal uses of plants, oils and foods and to utilize their health benefits just like our ancestors did. I wanted to heal myself mindfully and holistically.”
Tiffany Fradley, LMT, Ayurvedic Consultant

Owner of Sattva, LLC

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