Sattva’s unique menu of at home spa services is a blend of ancient therapies and exclusive massage and body treatments with many delightful amenities. With a unique treatment menu, clients enjoy hand crafted essential oil blends, herbal scrubs, and nourishing creams. The experience is personal, nourishing and rejuvenating.

Ancient Ayurvedic Treatments


60 min. $80

A focused stream of warm, scented oil is poured onto the forehead & follows with a scalp massage.  Shirodhara slows the heart rate & increases theta brain waves (active in meditation). A vacation for your mind.

Herbal Body Glow

60 min. $100

This dry body scrub stimulates, detoxifies, exfoliates & scents the skin. A blend of freshly ground lavender flowers, rose petals, chamomile flowers, spices & oatmeal are sprinkled onto the body and scrubbed into the skin. Herbs are then brushed off & the treatment is completed with the application of warm Sattva Spice Body Oil.

Unique Massage Rituals

Bamboo Massage

60 min. $90

Warm bamboo rods roll & smooth out muscle tissue reducing stress & tightness in the body while providing deep relaxation. Sattva’s Muscle Magic Body Oil made with essential oils of Eucalyptus, White Camphor and Wintergreen enhances the experience by offering a balance of cooling oils to a warm bamboo massage.

Cupping Massage

60 min. $90

Cupping is an ancient technique that uses suction to loosen muscle tissue & fascia, increase blood flow, reduce pain, increase joint mobility and sedate the nervous system. Cups are applied to specific muscle groups throughout the massage based on the client’s specific needs. Cupping is highly effective creating deep changes in the body tissue even after just one session. This massage incorporates Sattva’s Mellow Mint Body Oil for its anti-inflammatory affects and ability to cool and sooth.

*Due to the suction, negative pressure & increase of blood flow created by the cups, clients may experience redness &/or bruising – this reaction is perfectly normal & temporary & can last up to a week.

Sattva’s Signature Massage

60 min. $80
90 min. $110

Choose between 3 of Sattva’s Body Oil Blends: Sattva Spice, Mellow Mint or Celestial Citrus for your massage treatment. An eclectic blend of massage techniques, aromatherapy and warm towels provide a well-rounded massage experience. Massage treatments are always custom to the client’s individual needs.

Tiffany’s sessions have been a source of great personal empowerment & positive transformation following a very stressful period in life. She lovingly utilized her creative abilities to offer a unique blend of aromatherapy, words of blessings, vital points activation, massage and more according to the needs. There have been many times during or soon after a session where a practical solution to a big or longstanding problem was realized.

CB, Client